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"Frances exhibited great control and excellent breadth of technique which has been exquisitely used to bring us this delightfully intimate exploration of the delicate beauty that are Eastern Rosellas."

Guest judge Steve Morvell
Announcing the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Winner
Holmes Prize for Excellence in Realistic Australian Bird Art 2023
House Hunting (Eastern Rosellas)


"It's a faultless painting. Its technique is spot on. The birds are lively, lighting is wonderful and very tricky. The structure of the birds is exactly right. The habitat is excellent."

Guest judge Peter Marsack
Announcing the BEST IN SHOW WINNER
Holmes Prize for Excellence in Realistic Australian Bird Art 2022
Showing Off (Sulphur-crested Cockatoos)

"Thanks for introducing me to the work of Frances McMahon, she is simply the best bird artist I have ever seen. For many years William Cooper (now deceased) was unrivalled as Australia's best, but having now seen the work of Frances, I think she now takes the premier position. I've never seen such brilliant work."

Visitor to website, November 2023

"Every so often in our lives we are lucky enough to meet someone who is so immensely talented that when they do their thing it takes your breath away...her artwork is so stunning and lifelike that at a quick glance you may first assume it is a photograph."

Karen Ballard
Editor, Australian Bowhunter Magazine

"Frances you are fantastic, (your work) reminds me of a friend of mine, Raymond Ching. Really well done...not many people out there with your ability. Congratulations."

Graeme Stevenson
Professional Artist and producer of "Colour in Your Life" TV series

"Frances McMahon from Canberra uses brushes with just a few hairs in each. As a result, her work is painstakingly slow, but the detail is remarkable."

Trevor Richards OAM
Director, Morpeth Gallery

Double-barred Finches.23.4MB.jpg

"I have had a look at your website and am quite impressed with your birds."

William T Cooper AO (dec)
World-renowned bird artist

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