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  • What is the difference between a limited edition print and an open edition print?
    LIMITED EDITION PRINTS are limited to a small press run. Once the quota of prints is sold, no more prints of that size will be produced. This increases their value. Every limited edition print is individually signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. To assist with framing, a generous border of 5cm or wider surrounds the image. With a few exceptions, the artwork is reproduced at 100% (same size) as the original work to keep the integrity of the original. All my original artworks offered as limited edition prints are printed using the giclée printing process. A giclée print is the closest duplication of an artwork that is physically possible. The word “giclée” is a French term, which when translated means “to squirt out”. It refers to the way an inkjet printer works – squirting or spraying the ink when printing artwork. The original painting is scanned at an astonishing 600dpi and colour-corrected. This may be a lengthy process, as watercolour naturally employs delicate tints that are not easily replicated. Printed at Lucent Imaging, Canberra, giclée prints are created using an amazing Canon imagePROGRAF printer using 12 colour Lucia PRO pigment inks to create exceptional results. For longevity and quality, they are printed on Canson Infinity Edition Etching 310gsm; a superb archival, acid free 100% cotton rag with no optical brighteners added. OPEN EDITION GICLÉE PRINTS are printed in exactly the same way and use the same paper stock as a limited edition giclee print. The difference being that they don't have a limited press run and will not be signed and numbered by the artist. Unlike the limited edition prints, open editions may be cropped slightly to fit the aspect ratio of various "A" paper sizes. For example, I may release 20 limited edition giclée prints, whilst at the the same time release 100 open edition giclee prints that may be any size (usually A4 or A3). I currently don't sell open edition giclée prints on this website at present. OPEN EDITION PRINTS are, as the name implies, printed in open numbers often in the thousands. They are not signed and numbered by the artist, and don't come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are usually printed via offset lithography, using paper of any degree of weight or quality. They are NOT printed via the giclee printing process. The only open edition print I have for sale on this website is "Waiting For The Rains" (Eastern Rosellas). Other examples of open edition prints are those that may be purchased through print on demand websites such as RedBubble and Fine Art America. Greeting cards are another example of printing a tiny open edition print!
  • Do you accept commissions?
    Absolutely! Please contact me directly for further information. My commissioned works hang in homes around the world. I offer a complete money back guarantee and will never cut corners on quality. My original paintings are guaranteed to last for generations. There is only ONE original. A truly magnificent gift for yourself or your loved one. Guaranteed to take your breath away!
  • What is your pricing structure for original paintings and commissions?
    In line with standard practice, my fees for original paintings and commissions are calculated per square centimetre of actual artwork. This ensures clients receive an accurate and consistent quote with their preferred size prior to commencement of painting. Regardless of original paintings being purchased via private commission or though Morpeth Gallery, clients pay exactly the same for the (unframed) work. I currently have TWO differing rates, depending on the complexity of the artwork. Paintings that utilise a lot of background airbrushing (which is done fairly quickly) are currently charged at $3.39 AUD per square centimetre. Artwork that has extensively more work in the background such as landscapes, trees or large amounts of leaves/flowers will be charged at $3.96 AUD per square centimetre. These rate(s) INCLUDE everything needed to complete an original; from my time taken to photograph reference, client liaison, mock-up of compositions, paints and materials, airbrushing and painting. It's all factored in, which keeps things simple and tidy! Framing, freight and insurance are additional costs payable by the client. However, I am happy to provide artwork unframed. Please contact me directly for further details.
  • Do you paint with other mediums?
    No. Watercolour has been my first love for decades. Although it's probably more accurate to say I paint in watermedia. The main body of work is watercolour, but I will use touches of white gouache (for small highlights) with airbrushed backgrounds that are either watercolour or liquid acrylic. Watercolour, gouache and liquid acrylic are all water soluble, which categorises them as watermedia.
  • Do you teach art classes in person or online?
    I'm incredibly flattered that many artists and members of the public ask if I teach. Thank you for such amazing support. However, I'm not offering classes at the moment. The main reason is that I really need precious time to focus on creating my paintings. The work is incredibly slow and time-consuming and there are always more paintings that need to be finished yesterday! Furthermore, because the work is very detailed and intricate, I feel that online lessons wouldn't really be of value to the student simply because of the limitations of resolution via a screen. To set up high-resolution cameras to "hone in" on what I'm doing is something I really don't have time or resources to do. My technique is also painfully slow. An hour lesson would only cover the "how to" of painting a small eye! At the end of the day, art is really something you teach your self though many hours of practice, inspiration from the work of others and a sheer love of the subject.
  • Do you paint other subjects?
    Yes! Birds are my favourite subjects to paint, but I am happy to take on pet portraits or other subjects. Please contact me directly.
  • Can I reproduce your artwork for my own or commercial use?
    All images on this website (including the crimson chat logo design) are strictly protected by international copyright law. No image on this website may be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes without prior written permission, a licensing contract and payment of royalties or fees to Frances McMahon. Images must NOT be downloaded, copied, printed, saved, used on websites, transferred or reproduced in any way in any medium without written permission from Frances McMahon
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