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Absolutely beautiful 2024 CALENDAR. Brand NEW product!


A beautiful and practical Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one.


Featuring Frances' most popular watercolour paintings, these will be sure to impress. When the year is over, the images may be cut out of the pages and framed to your specifications, ensuring a lasting memory of 2024. Each image is  slightly larger than 5 x 7 inches (17.6 x 13.3cm), a very common frame size!


Birds featured:

COVER: Eastern Rosellas

January: New Holland Honeyeater

February: Superb Fairy-Wrens

March: Star Finches

April: Rainbow Bee-Eaters

May: Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos

June: Superb Parrots

July: Double-Barred Finches

August: Crimson Chats

September: Gouldian Finches

October: Superb Fairy-Wrens

November: Willie Wagtail

December: Galah


SIZE: Each page is A4 (210mm wide x 297mm deep)

Hangs vertically with spiral binding on top

Month per page with room to write small notes daily

Each page has a FULL COLOUR high quality reproduction of a different painting.

Printed on high quality Satin 200gsm lightly textured white paper.


Please allow up to 4 weeks delivery.









2024 Calendar


20% Discount SALE!

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